Self-Regulation Trainings

Brad specializes in training school counselors, psychologists, administrators, teachers, parents and mental health professionals. Brad uses interactive, engaging strategies to help other helping professionals teach children how to be successful by developing their self-regulation skills.  


Brad has trained thousands of professionals around the country on how to use the Self-Regulation Training System to quickly engage children and empower them by teaching them the skills they need to regulate themselves.

"Brad is great at presenting information in a way that's useful. He has a real talent for breaking things down."     Resource Room Teacher


"With this one training we will be able to address almost all of the emotional and behavioral issues in our building. We will also be able to improve our test scores and school safety."      School Principal

"I really like how he uses real-life examples with strategies that have been proven to work. He also takes the time to answer questions and explain things in terms that are easy-to-understand."   School Counselor


Oct 26, 2015   1 Day Seminar Honolulu, HI               Click here for more information

Oct 29, 2015   1 Day Seminar Dallas, TX                  Click here for more information

Oct 30, 2015   1 Day Seminar Oklahoma City, OK   Click here for more information


Nov 16, 2015   1 Day Seminar Sacramento, CA      Click here for more information

Nov 17, 2015   1 Day Seminar Portland, OR            Click here for more information

Nov 19, 2015   1 Day Seminar Des Moines, IA         Click here for more information


Dec 3, 2015   1 Day Seminar Washington DC         Click here for more information

Dec 4, 2015   1 Day Seminar Charleston, WV         Click here for more information

Dec 7, 2015   1 Day Seminar Kansas City, MO        Click here for more information


Jan 22, 2016   1 Day Seminar Austin, TX                Click here for more information

Jan 25, 2016   1 Day Seminar Cincinnati, OH         Click here for more information


June, 2016     National Conference for Innovative Counseling - Atlanta, GA


Recording of 90-minute Self-Regulation Webinar Available Here




To schedule Brad for an informative, interactive, and entertaining training, please email us at

A Few Places You May Have Seen One of Brad's Presentations

Florida School Counselor's Association Conference

Missouri School Counselor's Association Conference

Innovative Counseling National Conference in San Antonio

Relational Aggression National Conference in Las Vegas

Iowa School Counselor's Association Conference

Kansas Association of School Psychologists Conference

School Discipline National Conference in Atlanta

International Child and Adolescent Behavior Conference

Charlotte, NC SR Seminar

St. Louis, MO SR Seminar

Denver, CO SR Seminar

Toronto, CA SR Seminar

Washington D.C. SR Seminar

National School Discipline Conference in Las Vegas

Guelph, Ontario Canada - Self-Regulation and Student Success

Kansas City, MO - Self-Regulation 1 Day Seminar

Boston, MA - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Phoenix, AZ - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Sacramento, CA - Self-Regulation Seminar

New York, NY - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Minneapolis, MN SR Seminar

Austin, TX - Self-Regulation Seminar

Chicago, IL - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Baltimore, MD - Self-Regulation Seminar

Salt Lake City, UT - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Atlantic City, NJ

National School Discipline Conference in Chicago

Seattle, WA - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Indianapolis, IN - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Long Island, NY - Self-Regulation One-Day Seminar

Columbus, OH - One-Day SR Training Seminar

Pasadena, CA - Site-based Self-Regulation Training

Miami, FL - Self-Regulation System Training Seminar

Omaha, NE - Self-Regulation 1-day Seminar

Inland Empire, CA - Self-Regulation 1-day Seminar

Philadelphia, PA - Self-Regulation Training Seminar

Atlanta, GA - School Discipline National Conference

Niagara Falls - Innovative Counseling National Conference Keynote Address

Honolulu, HI - Self-Regulation Training One-Day Seminar

Charleston, WV - Self-Regulation Training Seminar