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Brad Chapin's Best-selling New Book

is available from Youthlight Publishing

New Resource for Adults!! If you have ever experienced challenges in your career as an educator or in your personal life (who hasn't?), this book is for you. The skills contained within the Self-Regulation Skillset will dramatically improve your ability to successfully navigate challenges from every direction. Whether you are facing challenges in the classroom, as a parent, with your relationships – or in some other area of your life – the Self-Regulation Skillset will help. The goal is to connect you with the process as you learn and practice each of these skills week-by-week. A short video review of each skill is provided via QR code at the end of each week.




This highly anticipated follow-up to the Elementary-age strategy guide targets Teens. It's not too late to reach this population and provide them with the skills they need to succeed in academicsl, sports, and relationships.


This book is available from Youthlight Publishing.

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The Legend of the Regulators and the SECRET List introduces children to the concepts of healthy Self-Regulation. Supporting the theme of self-discovery, the artistic images in this book contain hidden pictures.

This is an engaging story of a man on a quest to help his children. This unique story will take children on a journey to discover the secrets of a long, healthy, happy life. Help Tomas unlock the Secrets as he travels through the Caves of Calm, the Forest of Feelings and the Labyrinth of Lies to reclaim the pieces of the Secret List of the Regulators.
This interactive, adventure story allows children to join Tomas on his quest to unlock the mystery of the Regulators’ Secret List. Travel with Tomas on his quest to help his children succeed and to discover the Secrets of a long, healthy, happy life.
Self-Regulation skills have been shown to increase academic performance, positive social interaction, physical health, emotional wellness and performance in many areas of life. This adventure story introduces the lessons from the Self-Regulation Training System. Created by best-selling author and international speaker Brad Chapin, this system is now being taught to thousands of children across the United States and

This new Self-Regulation Smart Guidance resources is packed with interactive skill-building lessons. Use it on your computer or Smart Board to teach and reinforce the skills from the Self-Regulation Training System developed by Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP.


This tool can used for individuals, small groups, or classrooms. The technology provides an engaging format and the detailed lessons give specific talking points and scripted instructions.


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Self-Regulation Preschool Curriculum Guide

New Release** Self-Regulation skills have repeatedly been shown to increase school-readiness for pre-schoolers entering Kindergarten. Social skills, emotional intelligence, math, reading and overall positive behavior increase as their ability to regulate themselves improves. This curriculum guide, along with the kit, break the skills from the Self-Regulation Training System down into lessons that are developmentally appropriate for preschool-age children. 


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Self-Regulation Preschool Kit

New Release** The kit contains:

Horsefly Sigh (Children's Storybook) - Qty 1
Self-Regulation Training Board - Qty 1
Bonus Calming Skills - Qty 1
Play Dough (1 ox mini cans) - Qty 10
Calming Sticks - Qty 2
Training Feathers - Qty 10
Play Dough Mats (3 Designs - 10 of each)
Self-Regulation Blocks (3 Designs - 1 of each)
Self-Regulation Posters (3 Designs - 1 of each)
Core Lesson Images - Qty 41

"Self-regulation includes a universal set of skills necessary for academic success emotional control and healthy social interaction. With the lessons in these strategy guides you will be able to address anger problems, academic performance,anxiety, school safety issues, self-esteem, social skills and much more.

From the creator of the popular web-based Challenge Software program for children, comes these resources that provide a solid, yet flexible, foundation for intervention. The individual strategies are presented in a simple step-by-step process using lessons, activities and reproducible worksheets. These strategies can be used individually for a quick intervention with children/teens. They can also be used to create dozens of unique curricula tailor-made to target specific problem areas for small groups or classrooms.

As the term 'self-regulation' suggests this approach focuses on teaching children/teens how to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. The author has split the self-regulation training process into three functional areas: physical, emotional, and cognitive. Using strategies centered soundly upon the evidence base of cognitive-behavioral psychology this system will help you move children progressively through the skill-training areas in each of these three domains.

"The strategies are creative fresh and engaging in a way to help create change quickly. These resources were designed to help professionals increase the long-term impact of their work with children and teens."

DVDs of reproducible worksheets are included with the strategy guides.