Self-Regulation Skills Are Just Good Business

What's your most valuable asset?


The behaviors of the PEOPLE in your organization directly impact:

  • Business Culture
  • Productivity/Quantity
  • Performance/Quality
  • Creativity/Problem-Solving
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety/Errors/Liability
  • Insurance Premiums
  • The Bottom Line

Those who don't have healthy Self-Regulation Skills:

  • Make more errors
  • Are more reactive
  • Struggle with relationships
  • Make poor decisions
  • Have limited creativity and problem-solving
  • Develop more mental health issues
  • Miss more work

Self-Regulation skills are directly related to each of the areas mentioned above. We've spent the past several years teaching students, educators and mental health professionals how to effectively implement a simple 3-step system to teach these very skills.


Given the direct relationship of these skills to the areas mentioned above, it just makes sense to apply this framework to the business world.


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